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RUSSIAN CRIME PERMEATES THE POWER STRUCTURE OF THE GRAND DUCHY? Or who substitutes the Crown of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Prince Guillaume

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Nadezhda Popova,
The Head of the International Bureau
Of Journalistic Investigations,
Monaco – Cyprus,
26. 05. 2016

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Коммюнике с сайта Посольства Великого Герцогства Люксембург: 10 мая 2016г. в Посольстве Люксембурга в Москве Господин Посол Пьер Ферринг вручил господину Владиславу Викторовичу Квасову Постановление Министра Иностранных Дел господина Жана Ассельборна о его назначении Советником по внешней торговле в Тюменской области. 10th May 2016 in the Embassy of Luxembourg in Moscow, Mr Ambassador Pierre Ferring presented Mr Vladislav Viktorovitch Kvasov his nomination as Counsellor for foreign trade for the Region of Tyumen signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Jean Asselborn. 18 апреля 2016 г. Постановлением Министра Иностранных Дел господина Жана Ассельборна господин Владислав Викторович Квасов был назначен Советником по внешней торговле в Тюменской области.  On 18th April 2016, by the decision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Jean Asselborn, Mr Vladislav Viktorovitch Kvasov was named Counsellor for foreign trade for the Region of Tyumen.  http://moscou.mae.lu/ru/News/Gospodin-Posol-P-er-Ferring-vruchil-Gospodinu-Kvasovu-Postanovlenie-Ministra

The Communiqué from the website of the Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:

On 10th May 2016, in the Embassy of Luxembourg in Moscow, Mr Ambassador Pierre Ferring presented the nomination of Mr Vladislav Viktorovich Kvasov as the Counsellor for foreign trade for the Region of Tyumen, signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Jean Asselborn.

 On 18th April 2016, by the decision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Jean Asselborn, Mr Vladislav Viktorovich Kvasov was nominated as Counsellor for foreign trade for the Region of Tyumen.



We would not have been interested in the parapolitical events occurring in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, if not one «BUT» — namely, the identity of the newly appointed Advisor on foreign trade in the Tyumen region of the Russian Federation. By virtue of the efforts of the investigative journalists from several countries and their publications on corruption in Russia, lawlessness, expropriation of foreign property, money laundering and harassment of innocent people, this identity is not only widely known in the criminal Russia, but also abroad, including the Duchy of Luxembourg. A list of publications in Russian and English languages is given at the end of this investigation. The irony is that the Advisor has appointed a person directly participating in a hostile takeover and destruction of the Luxembourg subsidiaries of the company Dastin Handelshaus AG in Russia, namely in the Tyumen region, — a closed joint-stock company «DastinMarket». In the Russian joint-stock community, the Luxembourg company had 99% of the shares. By the investors’ funds, in 2001, the largest, at that time, a Shopping center in the city of Tyumen was built — 5, 000 square meters. This large center provides the city with 200 work positions and has become one of the largest taxpayers in the budget. However, it was Vladislav Kvasov who acted as one of the organizers of the raided property seizure of the Luxembourg investors, estimated at that time, in Russia, for the sum amounting to more than 12 million euros. Moreover, by the initiative of Mr Kvasov, the shareholders of the company were persecuted. How? This was done through corrupt judges and employees of the state and law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation. It is a refined pursuit that lasts for more than 10 years. It lasts to this day! And this is done in order to prevent the owners of the expropriated property to recover their rights and obtain legal compensation as provided by the Agreement between countries “on mutual protection of foreign investments». But first things first.

Please meet, Mr Kvasov.

In the last years of the existence of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Kvasov was a functionary at the Communist youth Union in the Tyumen region. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the disappearance of the Communist party from the political arena, he converted himself into a banker and headed the Tyumen branch of an open joint stock company «Khanty-Mansiysk Bank», of which the Chairman of the Board of Directors was the Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district, Mr Filipenko (now auditor of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation). By the way, the Bank was founded by a government Fund of the same Autonomous district. Thus, it is a Bank with a state participation in equity capital.

A.V. Kvasov kept moving from a Bank to a Bank within the Tyumen region. He had also sat as the Deputy of the Tyumen regional Duma and as the adviser of the Governor of the Tyumen region on public principles. Nowadays, mister Kvasov is serving as the regional Director of the Tyumen office of OJSC «Promsvyazbank».

We are particularly interested in the period of his work as the Director of the Tyumen branch of OJSC «Khanty-Mansiysk Bank». It was during this period, when the officers of the Bank organized the «attack» at the Luxembourg subsidiary of the company «DastinMarket», as well the illegal excitation of a criminal case against the Director of the shopping center and the co-shareholder Alexey Schmidt. All of this is written in detail, backed up by facts, by the international observer — Alexander Simakov, in his journalistic investigation «Expropriation» (http://eu-objective.info/2012/11/expropriation/) and «Part 2. “Persecution» (http://eu-objective.info/2012/11/45630/).

The illegal actions of an organized criminal group through the corrupted judges, law enforcers and government officials had led to the liquidation of the shopping centre in the city of Tyumen via illegal and fictitious bankruptcy. All the expensive equipment and goods were simply looted, and the building in the centre of the city of Tyumen has passed through three front companies in а non-monetary form to the balance of the subsidiary enterprise — Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk (that is a fantastic trick!). Foreign shareholders suffered an economic loss, which was not compensated by the authorities as required by law. The damage was also done to Russia, since the taxes were not paid. Moreover, in the state register of Russia for the registration of companies an entry on the liquidation of «DastinMarket» was illegally made, despite the current injunction against the making of such entry. The Tyumen businessman Alexey Schmidt had to go through dozens of courts in Russia to restore the enterprise registration in the state register.

Just to clarify: there is a certain peculiarity in the Russian legislation, if there is no company in the registry, then neither the owners nor the shareholders possess a right to trial. Nevertheless, the Tyumen businessman successfully acquired a ruling on the full restoration of the company «DastinMarket» in the registry. But at what cost? Alexey Schmidt has survived two attempted murders, which substantially led to a heart attack. In 2008, even a writ of execution for the compulsory restoration of the enterprise in the state register at the registering authority was issued, but… this is Russia, and the regional mafia is very strong and united. No one at the Tyumen state agencies has even considered the enforcement of the judicial decisions. The company is still not restored at the register of companies of the Russian Federation.

Alexey Schmidt had to fight not only for the property of the foreign investors under a life threat, but also to protect himself in the courts due to an illegal criminal prosecution, organized through the corrupt employees of internal Affair bodies officials of the Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk. Through the courts, Alexey Schmidt has achieved the restoration of his good name and business dignity. In order to fully understand what it is like to fight against the mafias in power, it is necessary to comprehend the complete legal chaos and almost total corruption in Russia. An entrepreneur is powerless in front of the corrupt government in control. Nevertheless, after 7 years, Alexey Schmidt has even achieved an apology from the Prosecutor’s office of Russia on behalf of the state for wrongful prosecution. He sought this deliberately, since the expropriation of property of foreign shareholders and the persecution was carried out with the assistance of the regional Prosecutor’s office of the Tyumen region. All court Decisions are available at the editorial office. And here is the text of the apology of the Prosecutor (available at the editorial office):

The Prosecutor’s office Of the Russian Federation
The Prosecutor’s office Of Tyumen region
The Prosecutor’s Office Of The Central
Administrative area Of Tyumen
Addressed to Schmidt Alexey I.
28.10.2011 No. 105-204

In accordance with the requirements of article 136 of the Criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation, a formal apology in connection with the unreasonable criminal prosecution on behalf of the state is brought.

 In order to clarify, under the current criminal procedure law (Chapter 18), You are entitled to address the requirement on compensation of property harm, the restoration of labour, pension, housing and other rights to the authority that has instituted the criminal case against You, a claim can also be issued on Your behalf for compensation in order to recover moral damage in monetary terms at the civil proceedings.

In addition, You have the right to require a written conformation about the decisions to exonerate You, at the place of work, study or residence.

If there was any information published in the press, disseminated by radio, television or other media about Your illegal actions, You have the right to require the relevant media to commence a rehabilitation. 

Deputy district attorney

A. Mokhov

AA No. 007366 *

The fact that the lawyer of the Khanty-Mansiysk Bank, S. Bashkova, who initiated the denunciation of Alex Schmidt, did not suffer any punishment in contradiction with the criminal legislation of Russia is significant. The negative role of the prosecution is evident – the main Supervisory body governing over the criminal activity, law enforcement and the rights of citizens. All the A. Schmidt’s claims, all the information given by the witnesses, all the facts and evidence of criminal activity on the group of individuals, for many years, were buried in the bowels of the Prosecutor’s office. The editorial office has sufficient documentary evidence of non-performance and breach of the duty carried, the obvious bias activity of the Prosecutor of the Tyumen region, Vladimir Vladimirov, «thanks» to whom, such crucial violations of the Law of the Russian Federation became possible: the seizure of property, persecution of innocent people, their endangerment and violation of constitutional rights. The putrefactive process in the Government and many years of impunity leads to decay of the entire system. Such is the situation in the Tyumen region.

And what about Vladislav Kvasov? Kvasov, according to our observations, was not only the conductor of all these processes on the organization of assets withdrawal in favour of the Bank, not only the organizer of A. Schmidt’s the persecution, but also the person involved in the organization of the fraudulent schemes within the Bank with consumer loans give away issued on false physical entities. Simply put, he was involved in the organization of money laundering in especially large size, and its legalization.

Facts are stubborn things

A quote from one of the publication of the «anti-corruption» monitoring group of the European Association of Independent Journalists (EAIJ): «Since 2004, a representative of the foreign shareholders and a Director of the CJSC «Enterprise with foreign investments «DastinMarket» in the city of Tyumen, Alexey Schmidt, has stated and notified all the law enforcement agencies as well as the Prosecutor’s office on the issue of money laundering within the Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk in especially large sizes by a group of individuals in collusion with the use of official state positions. A Criminal case No. 200500108/01 against unidentified individuals Khanty-Mansiysk Bank (XMB) was initiated. In such circumstances, the Bank used the administrative resource – the Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, Filipenko, he was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank at that time. Filipenko has put a lot of effort, and with the help of the corrupt law enforcement officials and the Prosecutor’s office of Tyumen the case was «hushed up”…

In order to intimidate Alexey Schmidt, conceal the money in the Bank and obtain the legalization of the property seized in a criminal way, the Bank’s lawyer Baskova, has concluded a false denunciation addressed to the police on A. Schmidt. In violation of the law, A. Schmidt was hastily prosecuted and charged with house arrest, thus he could visit Monaco and present himself as a witness at the Luxembourg authorities on the illegal actions of Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk and judge Loskutov for the expropriation of the Luxembourg direct investment of the company Dastin Handelshaus AG …

The crooks began to act after the Bank was headed by Dmitry Mizgulin, the Director of the Tyumen branch of Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk was V. Mitz at the time. When Mitz moved to the position of a Vice-Governor of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, the branch was headed by Vladislav Kvasov. When Kvasov took over, the fraud, obviously, has reached uncontrollable proportions. Just by the security service of the CJSC «DastinMarket», consumer loans issued on false physical entities for individuals amounting to over $ 35 million rubbles were revealed, this was confirmed directly in the courts of arbitration, numerous individuals who even did not own a Bank account “owed” the Bank money issued to them for the alleged loans with an interest on these loans. It was also revealed that fictitious interest on consumer loans was paid by the «pocket» firms connected to the Bank, which all somehow had identical IТN (individual tax number). As soon as «the smell of trouble» appeared, the President of the Bank, honourable Consul of the Czech Republic in the Khanty and the «best banker of the year» Mizgulin wrote a letter to «the best banker of the year» Kvasov, directly asking him to «address the problematic issues», otherwise it will become known to law enforcement and the Central Bank.

This letter is provided by the editorial office:

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OAO «Khanty-Mansiysk Bank» 13-49/6043

Manager  OJSC Bank «MENATEP», Branch office in Tyumen

Mr Vladimir Kvasov

«Уважаемый Владислав Викторович!

«Dear Vladislav Viktorovich!
In the period of Your work as the head of the Tyumen branch of OJSC «Khanty-Mansiysk Bank» the financing of projects and transactions were allowed, the results of which are problematic for the financial condition of the branch and the Bank in general. In particular, it concerns the acquisition of promissory notes of LLC «Steks», LLC «Neotron», the crediting of CJSC «EFI «DastinMarket» and physical persons under its guarantee, as well as loans of Kolpashikov N. P. Moiseyenko V. N., Poluyanova V. I., Popov V. V., Kosinov D. V., Kozlovtsev S. A., The S. B. Plyasunova … Additionally, we inform that there was a claim addressed to the court by the JSC «EFI»DastinMarket» in order to secure its obligations under the loan contracts with the Bank as well as mortgage. These claims will lead to the insecurities of the Bank loans. Given these circumstances, as well as the outstanding loans of individuals under the guarantee of CJSC «FDI «DastinMarket», further relation with this enterprise can be developed with an attraction of the law enforcement bodies and prosecutors, which would entail wide publicity to this problem.

The Bank does not wish and is not interested in the negative information about the methods and results of Your leadership at the Tyumen branch of the Bank to spread to a wider range of persons, including the Bank of Russia and the
9865management of OJSC Bank «MENATEP SPB». We trust in Your understanding of the complexity and the seriousness of the situation and the active participation in its positive resolution for the Bank».

The signature of the President of the Bank — D. Mizgulin.»


(«Who builds Khanty-Mansiysk Bank?» (in Russian)  http://eu-objective.info/2013/08/simakov-02/)

We have provided the letter fully in order to show how the banker, the President of the Bank Dmitry Mizgulin warns and blackmails another banker – V. Kvasov, who has already moved in another Bank for work, on the committed financial crimes, threatening to contact the public authorities, but for some reason, does not appeals to the investigative bodies!

The law requires an immediate report to the law enforcement about a crime known. There is a Russian proverb: “one hand washes the other”. The Bank executives involved in laundering and illegal operations, do not like to contact the police, even if they are robbed. “Money likes silence”. However, in fact, the concealment of crimes is also a crime. On the other hand, this explains the persecution of the businessman Alexey Schmidt, since he revealed and declared to the law enforcement bodies about the facts of money laundering through the Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk by its officials. And in order to close the financial black hole in the Bank, a seizure of the assets of a major retail company «DastinMarket» was carried out, the main property of which was ceded in the interests of the Bank to the balance of its subsidiaries, moreover, not a dime was paid to the tax authorities.

We ask our readers not to be surprised for the fact that no one has been punished for such crimes, since there is no legal system in Russia, there is a clan system across the state and regional levels.

Kvasov, an individual with an unscrupulous reputation, who was personally involved in causing the economic damage to the Luxembourg company, which caused a detriment to the legislation and the Agreement between Russia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on investment protection and have caused a severe damage to the investment image of the Tyumen region and Russia as a whole. And now, by the will of some government officials of Luxembourg, Kvasov has been appointed as an Advisor on foreign trade in the Tyumen region…

Is it a paradox, a miscalculation of the intelligence of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or foreign trade policy, or some individuals desire the experience in raids and seizures of someone else’s property and illegal money laundering proceedings?

How white turns into black

From an interview with V. Kvasova on TV-Tyumen: — Vladislav Viktorovich, I know you often visited Monaco and brought guests in Tyumen: the ambassadors of Luxembourg twice visited our city. You spoke with the crown Prince in Moscow in the framework of the economic mission of Luxembourg and Minister of economy of Luxembourg. Tell me, what benefit will our friendship with Luxembourg bring? Is there some sort of investment program where interest lies for both Tyumen, and the Duchy of Luxembourg?

Vladislav Kvasov: — the MP needs to help the local businesses, assist in the expansion of business contacts, to attract foreign investors. Thus, Tyumen has partnered with Luxembourg. We have presented the investment potential of the city and region to the ambassadors. At the last visit of the Ambassador, we have agreed that soon a delegation of financiers will visit the region, tax specialists and auditors from Luxembourg shall exchange experiences. They shall share the information about the benefits of doing business in their state, will express the desire of investors towards our region. As for the projects, two Tyumen companies are negotiating with one of the world’s largest companies for the construction and buildings from metal. One of the main directions of the banking system of Luxembourg are the private banks. Here, an extensive capital of the investment funds is attracted. The banking industry is very important for the country, and Luxembourg is considered to be one of the three world leaders in the amount of net assets under management. All the main European and international financial institutions are presented in Luxembourg. An integral part of the infrastructure of Luxembourg is banking secrecy, flexible mode of providing banking services and an active fight against money laundering.

No comments.

A note from the editorial office.

According to the Federal customs service of Russia in 2015, the trade turnover of Tyumen region with Luxembourg amounted to 107, 86 thousand dollars. Foreign trade turnover was completely presented by import. In 2014, the foreign trade turnover of Tyumen region with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (excluding Autonomous districts) amounted to 327, 46 thousand dollars and was presented only by import.

The main forger.

Kvasov’s feats do not end there. As soon as Alex Schmidt, in numerous courts, has achieved the recognition of the illegality of the excitation of a criminal case against him on false testimony concluded by a lawyer of the Khanty-Mansiysk Bank, the crooks faced the threat that Schmidt could leave to Luxembourg, and there be able to defend himself and the property of the foreign investors at the European courts. Thus, they had to “neutralize” the Tyumen businessman. V. Kvasov then committed another meanness. He presented the copies of the receipts of A. Schmidt on money being received for shares of foreign companies that the bankers Mice and Kvasov were paying in order to buyout stakes in the company, initiating a civil action against Mr Schmidt as if he is a personal debtor. In collusion with judge Agafonova, in the absence of the owner at the court hearing (he was not duly informed of this process), he was awarded a debt amounting to more than $ 200,000. Upon learning of this court decision, Schmidt A. submitted a cassation complaint, but the complaint was rejected by the same judge — Agafonova. Thus, the wrongful judgment entered into force.

Next. Kvasov then immediately puts into effect the writ of execution to recover the stated amount. It should be noted that this was another blow to A. Schmidt, the raiders had taken away all his possessions, deprived of work, left him without a livelihood and condemned him to an unequal fight against a corrupt government system.

According to the law, the falsification of evidence in court is a serious criminal offense. But try to prove that falsification in Russia! The Russian judicial system is a corrupted machine, which does not simply give up its own people.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Kvasov goes even further, he writes a statement to the police about the malicious evasion of A. Schmidt from the payment of the debt. With the assistance of the Prosecutor’s office (the documents are available at the editorial office) another criminal case is initiated against A. Schmidt all over again. He is then charged with recognizance not to leave.

97 appeals and 68 applications

97 appeals to various authorities of the Russian Federation, testimony of foreign shareholders, claims to the court, all this and zero results. 68 statements made by A. Schmidt on the fabrication of the debt on false evidence in civil proceedings No. 2-1649/2004 by judge Agafonova, addressed to the law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. All of it ended up in the regional Prosecutor’s office, «safely» buried in the bowels of the Agency by the Prosecutor V. Vladimirov. This Is Russia!

The only body that responded to the appeal of Alexey Schmidt is the Council for human rights (HRC) under the Presidency of the Russian Federation. In order to check all the facts, a member of the Council, criminal law Professor Eugene Myslovsky, visited Tyumen from Moscow. Here is an excerpt from his report on the meeting of the Council in the presence of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin:

«Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

I would like to focus on complaints related to the functioning.

Currently, millions of citizens are turning to You in the name of the Commissioner for human rights, the presidential Council in this case, the Prosecutor’s office, the police, and all they ask is justice. Now, unfortunately, all the bodies dealing with such complaints, in all instances, including yours, the presidential administration, do nothing more than simply forward these complaints. They are sent to the relevant regions, those send them down, and the result is that the law is grossly violated, and in the end, the complaint is considered by the same person, due to whom the complain was issued in the first place.

I have received a complaint from the European Association of Independent Journalists with a request to verify not the fact, but how the complaints of a businessman from Tyumen, A. Schmidt, were treated. There were 39 appeals made to the office of the President. 39 times from the President’s office, the complaints were forwarded to the Prosecutor’s office, Supreme Court, Supreme arbitration court, the Ministry of Internal Affairs . And all those 39 times, the answer was positive, stating that everything is fine, but in fact, the complaints have never been examined.

Thus, I have visited Tyumen… the situation is worse than I thought. The worst thing is that the people, who were supposed to deal with this matter, have all declined the meetings. When I arrived to the Arbitration court of the Tyumen region, it was necessary to have a look at the archives from 10 years ago. The court’s Chairman shied away from the meetings, transferring me to the business Manager. The Manager had a glimpse at my preliminary letter, and stated: «who are You? You – he said – are nobody. I have carefully studied the status of the Board, You are a nobody, You have no right to demand information from the judicial authorities».

He, however, underestimated that I have worked for almost 25 years as an investigator. In the end, I received the information, however, I had to explore it in photocopies, and thus, it took a lot of time and effort.

 What is the reason of this? The fact is that the technological chain of complaint treatment is broken: order, execution, control, responsibility. There is no control and responsibility, they are thrown out of the functional chain. Here, excuse me, I would like to give You an advice as a Board member. Please, organise a small group of people who will check, not the complaints

Eugene Myslovsky

Eugene Myslovsky

themselves, but how they are being treated, in order to check whether they are treated at all.


Here is what may, at first, raise the authority of the presidential service, what may discipline these miscreants, so to speak, of ours, that are a disgrace to the state authorities. In General, my research resulted in more than 60 pages of typewritten text, I still have not finished writing. Nevertheless, I have made several publications in the media. And that is where a particular characteristic feature can be detected, everybody mentioned above: the General Prosecutor, and the Prosecutor’s office of the Tyumen region, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Central Bank, the Supreme Arbitration Court – they all keep a deathly silence. It would have been rational if someone said: «Myslovsky, you’re a fool. What are you writing there? Think about it» – no, only silence, deathly silence. This position, when there is no reaction to the speech in the media, is a very dangerous one, in my opinion. 

Thank you.» (in Russian http://www.eu-objective.info/online/002/#42-43/z)

Many thanks to Professor Myslovsky for the truth spoken before the President of Russia. Nevertheless, after this speech, the terror of the state authorities against A. Schmidt and his family has increased: he was detained unjustly, declared in the all-Russian wanted list, despite the fact that he continuously attended numerous trials in Tyumen. His place of residence is known. Then he was beaten by disguised police (Alexey was in intensive care). Later, the apartment of his common-law spouse was raided while his little children were present at that time. All this was done very early in the morning without presenting a legal court order.

The investigator, Voronin, quickly fabricated a case under the article 177 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation for malicious evasion from debt payment to V. Kvasov. Voronin charged A. Schmidt with a criminal offence and referred the case to the court. A biased result already implies the agreement of the court in the realities of Russian life. Judge Sudarkina, a colleague of the judge Agafonova, rejected and did not attach to the case nor the facts of fraud, or evidence of the materials, nor the decision of the International commercial arbitration court, which established facts that have a legal value. They prove that the receipts submitted by V. Kvasov in the civil court as alleged evidence of debt A. Schmidt before him, belong to completely different legal relations between the company Dastin GmbH and sectionare V. Kvasov, and V. Mitz.

Despite the International Convention on the prohibition of criminal prosecution of persons who are unable to pay the debt, despite the proven fraud in a criminal case, despite the fact that the case reached the legislative statutes of limitations, the judge Sudarkina takes up the case and imposes a new recognizance not to leave in relation of A. Schmidt. The trial continues.

Nevertheless, A. Schmidt decided to leave with his family to the EU to be protected in its territory, since all hope is lost for justice in Russia. Alexey Schmidt asked for a political asylum and protection in the Republic of Cyprus.

It turns out that the whole family of four people were forced to flee Russia from the tyranny of the authorities. The instigator and the associate of this outrageous tyranny was and remains – V. Kvasov.

The editorial Board of the international journal «Objective» and a monitoring group «anti-corruption» are ready to transfer all the materials on the criminals and the crimes committed to the law enforcement authorities of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. However, it is important to know in advance, to whom is it possible to transfer these important documents, so that a mistake is not made. The material must not be caught in the hands of Luxembourg’s officials, having a joint «programme» with the representatives of Putin’s corrupt regime.

Then, realizing that Alex Schmidt, being in Cyprus, has taken a number of significant steps, namely, sued and won at the International Court of Commercial Arbitration, is preparing a lawsuit to the ECHR, the Russian judicial system decided to save at least a part of its reputation and to conceal the criminal offence of Kvasov on the falsification of evidence in court, its own participation in the persecution of innocent citizen, to save judge Agafonov from a criminal punishment by not a procedural method, but rather by an agreement:text_o3

[alert color=»F5F5F5″]




Central District Court

Of the City of Tyumen

Str. 8 March. 1

Tyumen, 625038

Tel. 8(3452)23-13-13  

Fax 8(3452) 46-59-23  



17.02.2016. No1-13/2015


To the Defendant, Schmidt A.

АЯ 542 Tyumen 625019

Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District

Nizhnevartovsk, Russia, str. Mendeleev, 6 sq. 137

[/double_paragraph] [/row]


The Central District Court of Tyumen wishes to know whether you agree to the commencing of the criminal proceedings in your absence, either the termination of the criminal case against you in connection with the expiration of the statute of limitations for criminal responsibility, or the termination of the criminal proceedings in connection with the Resolution of the State Duma Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation «on amnesty in connection with the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.»

The signature of the Judge                                                   Shaderkina I.U


The fact is that the judge has the right not to take the case or to terminate it according to the Statute of limitations. However, if A. Schmidt’s consent is given, it deprives him of the right to further pursue a criminal case against Kvasov for falsifying evidence in court. Consider this a final nail in the «coffin» of the Russian justice. It is clear that the exploits of Kvasov will be covered by the regional mafia. Nevertheless, why does Kvasov get away with it? This question was asked to Alexander Simakov, the author of a major investigation about the case of Alex Schmidt. Here is his answer: «Most Likely, such «immunity» to criminal prosecution is exercised by the people closely associated with the «siloviki» and the FSB (KGB), formerly in the Soviet lexicon referred to as the «seksot (secret agent)».

Such “seksots” get away with almost everything. On the other hand, the issue lies not only just in Kvasov and in the regional mafia — if they give Kvasov in, then the whole chain will be pulled: senior prosecutors, generals, even the Governor Yakushev, yes, he is also involved in this business. Over 10 years, many officials were sucked in this corrupt maelstrom. We provide a caution to the Western investors by our published journalistic investigations: the Governor of the Tyumen region, Vladimir Yakushev, is constantly looking for a business partner, interested in concluding contracts with foreign businesses. There is no place for confidence in relation to a person who is in the dense environment of the Tyumen corrupt prosecutors, investigators, policemen, judges – his inactions and actions contribute to the raider attacks, the seizures of someone else’s business on their own territory, other people’s property, other people’s money, he ruins people’s life and fate!”


We understand that there are different people in the authorities of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. There are those, to whom the prestige of the European States and the financial centre matters, and there are those for whom the “money does not smell”. And the dirty money are leaked, as we see it, exactly through these individuals, to the representatives and nominees of the Kremlin dictatorship and kleptocracy in the European Union, where money are successfully laundered and legalized, corrupt officials, lawyers and bankers, are constructing cruel and inhuman rules of the mafia, undermining the foundations of the civilized society.

The wave of the universal scandal following the leak of the secret files of the Panama offshore company — Mossack Fonseca, may seem a mere child play in contrast with the structure and origin of the Russian capitals in the European Union. For the last 20 years, a large part of the capitals taken out from Russia were laundered in the EU. According to the experts, the sum could amount to more than 2 trillion euros! This money was laundered and imported without the assistance of the European bankers, lawyers, officials and their ADVISERS.

Therefore, there is no surprise, that the votes of some politicians in the EU oppose the sanctions brought against Russia for its aggressiveness in relation to Ukraine: money forms politics. Nevertheless, such topic is of another journalistic investigation.

We ask the Minister of the foreign Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Mr Jean Asselborn to immediately suspend the credentials of the Adviser Vladislav Kvasov from Tyumen for the period until the authorities of Luxembourg will carry out an inspection on the appeals of ESNE, international journal of «Objective», the International Bureau of investigative journalism, the monitoring group of the «anti-corruption» within the Government, of the General Prosecutor and Ministry of internal Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

To be continued.

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Who built Khanty-Mansiysk Bank?

Author: Alexander Simakov | 08.04.2013



Interesting details of the criminal life of Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk, repeatedly exposed by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in «money laundering and terrorism”.

The judicial chronicle of hell

Author: Alexander Simakov| 14.09.2013



About the judicial circles of hell in the life of the Tyumen businessman Alexey Schmidt.


Author: the monitoring team of «Anti-corruption» | 14.11.2013



Tyumen regional Prosecutor Vladimir Vladimirov is the «Golden calf» is true and very loyal.

TYUMEN KRAKEN: What «skeletons» are held in its vaults by Tyumen Governor Vladimir Yakushev?

Author: Nadezhda Popova | 15.14.2013



Amusing criminal biography of one of the «best» Russian governors, the godfather of the mafia in Tyumen Vladimir Yakushev.

EXPERT OPINION: Business-killer ordered?

Author: Evgeny Myslovsky | 03.01.2014



Professor of criminal law E. Myslovsky, a member of the HRC under the President of Russia, explores the results of the operations of the bankruptcy Trustee Shabalin, brilliantly executed in order to murder the business belonging to Alexey Schmidt.


In separately taken region of Russia established the Kingdom of crooked mirrors.

Author: Vladimir Sharapov | 16.03.2014



Juicy details of a multi-layered life and work of the criminal banker Dmitry Mizgulin. In the lens – Petersburg, Moscow, Tyumen, Khanty-Mansiysk, Prague.

The Kingdom of crooked mirrors. The fate of the comprador businessman in Russia

Author: Alexander Simakov | 05.03.2014



An Interview with a businessman from Tyumen, Alexey Schmidt. The formula for lawlessness in the state: raider seizure + registered a criminal case against the owner. The case of Alex Schmidt is the totality of crimes against property, against justice and against the person committed by «friendly» OPS.


Not cephalopods occupied a fair part of Russia, in particular, Tyumen region




Details about the work and Tyumen menu of the restaurant «Mafia». Invitations to stuffy prison bunks are already distributed.


Author: Nadezhda Popova | 30.07.2015



Laocoon in Tyumen. Criminal clans in the Tyumen region is tightly intertwined with the Prosecutor’s office.


Author: Alexander Simakov | 15.11.2015



The Tyumen region has become a byword: crimes against the person beat all the records!


Author: Alexander Simakov | 06.04.2016



In a particular Russian region everything is rotten: the regional administration, Prosecutor’s office, court, police.


Author: Nadezhda Popova | 08.05.2016



The Spanish Inquisition pales in his terrible glory in comparison with the Tyumen Inquisition, whose name Tyumen SUPREMA.



«Part 2. The prosecution»


Author: Alexandr Simakov

07.10.2012 | 26.10.2012

How are the criminal cases fabricated in Tyumen by mafia in the interests of the customer? This easily seen in a specific example regarding A. Schmidt. While the businessman challenged the illegal expropriation of property, CJSC “DastinMarket» in courts of arbitration, an associate at the Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk, S. Bashkova, has written a statement to authorities, which acted as the base of the criminal case No. 200403835/14 filed against Alexey Schmidt. The criminal case was filed by the “Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of Department of Internal Affairs” of the Central district of Tyumen for «deliberate bankruptcy».

The report of the member of the Council on Human Rights under the Presidency of the Russian Federation



The report of the member of the Council on Human Rights under the Presidency of the Russian Federation, Myslovsky E. N. at the meeting with Vladimir Putin 04.09.13 on the struggle of A. I. Schmidt. For the last 2 years, there were 39 appeals addressed to the Presidency of Russia with complaints about the illegal actions of law enforcement and judicial authorities of the Tyumen region. These bodies for the past ten years did not take measures envisaged by law to investigate a series of crimes committed against Alexey Schmidt. All these appeals were forwarded to the Prosecutor’s office of the Tyumen region, but there has not been analysed.

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